5 Web Design Mistakes that Can Bring down your Business Website Design

5 Web Design Mistakes that Can Bring down your Business Website Design

web design mistakes to avoidAre you aware of the common mistakes that beginners in the field of Business Website Design tend to make? If not, then it is time that you get acquainted to the same for saving the face of your business in the industry. After all, creating and sustaining an online presence has become the need of the hour today and cannot be risked given to any situation. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise, you should never entertain a novice design approach.

It is understandable that being a small enterprise, you need to stay within budget, but as said, there is no easier route to success. Saving cost initially might make you end up spending more for improving your online presence and business prospects.

Wondering about the top 5 mistakes to avoid?

Here is a look at the 5 mistakes that every enterprise should ensure not being made in their Business Website Design process.

1.      Overuse of bells and whistlesMost often, business owners gets so enthusiastic about creating and maintaining a website that they find it hard to monitor the design aspects amid the enthusiasm. It is important to note that a number of sites provide templates for developing a website alongside offering a range of appealing add-ons. Now, it often gets difficult for a beginner in the field to choose and restrict themselves to just the elements that are actually needed or helpful. In such times, only an experienced web designer ideally comes to help as they know what overuse of widgets can do to the web page – slow down the page load time and make the navigation overwhelmingly complex.

2.      Overdoing the site with images – Yes, it is true that images say a thousand words and proves to be immensely helpful when it comes to attracting the attention of the users or potential visitors. However, only a professional knows that a site featuring multiple images and little texts can bring down the page load time significantly thereby losing the interest of the prospective buyers. Unfortunately, not all novice designers seem to be aware of the fact and tend to bring down the appeal of the website largely.

3.      Complex Navigation is a Strict NO – When it comes to retaining the interest of the user on a particular web page or site, the aspect of navigation plays an important role. Unless, the site offers easy navigation possibilities, it becomes hard to hold onto the interest of the users, After all, you certainly do not expect your prospective buyer to search for services/products or any such other valuable information. A specialized and expert guidance of web design services can help you develop a site that user-friendly and offers the next call to action.

4.      Online purchases are not a hard thing to accomplish – Today, online payment gateway or shopping cars has emerged as an essential tool for all e-commerce sites and online businesses. Thanks to the evolution of modern technologies and easy availability of updated knowledge on the same, developing e-commerce sites has got easier than ever.  However, not for a beginner in the field, a novice designer often makes the mistake of not incorporating proper call to action buttons at the proper places or guiding the user through the payment. The solution seems to rest with a specialized and skilled designer who knows to make it easy for both the customer and the business owner.

5.      common web design mistakes‘Contact Us’ page is not essential – Well, if you have so far believed that you can operate successfully without a ‘contact us’ page, then it is time to give it a second –thought. How do you expect your users to get in touch with you with their comments/suggestions/questions? Developing a ‘contact us’ page is a small task to do in the entire process of creating a website and is hard to ignore. It is a must-have element for all business website and is best rendered through a professional.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes while, developing a potential site can take your business forward. Top design and development companies can also take up the onus of making their potential customers understand the worth of choosing professional web design services. After all, all that matters in the end is developing a website that functions smoothly and offers a pleasant navigation experience to the users and easy manageable option for the business owner. When you have all these, you know the wait for a professional was worth it!

About the Author:

This Guest Post is penned by Aditi Datta. She is a Professional web designer and developer. She loves to provide effective design guidelines through her write-ups. She also works in a Leading Web Design Company in India.

By: Aditi Datta

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