5 Things B2B Marketers Overlook in Their Google Plus Strategy

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites online today, everything from About.me to Zoopa.com and the relative newcomer on the scene, Google Plus has much to offer B2B marketers.

Early critics claimed that G+ would never gain the overwhelming popularity of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but according to some newer statistics, Google+ users actually surpassed both linkers and tweeters in June of 2014, claiming the number three spot worldwide.

Launched in 2011, Google+ designed their new social site to go beyond the norm and some of the restrictions facing their competitors. They offer more engagement and connection features than most other social platforms which is likely the reason for their recent growth.

Aside from their growing popularity, marketers should focus on strategies that are more effective on Google+ than those found on other social sites. Here are the five things that marketers are often overlooking:

1) BUILD BETTER CONNECTIONS: Perhaps the best tools available are their “Hangouts” and “Circle” features, where you can more effectively understand and connect with your customers. While in Hangouts, you can engage with people on a more one-on-one level similar to Facebook. Circles allows you to categorize customers and contacts into multiple segments. This will give you a more personalized approach to your potential clients and have more relevant and intimate conversations. More importantly, users can circle your business and they have “opted-in” without the hassle of filling out lengthy forms. Utilizing both of these features it a real targeting opportunity.

2) BRAND ENGAGEMENT: According to Forrester Research figures, Google+ brand engagement numbers fell just slightly below Facebook posts but were almost double that of Twitter. Forrester went on to stress that while the brand engagement rate — which is the number of times a follower interacts with a brand’s post compared with the number of their fans — it shouldn’t necessarily be considered an actual marketing success, but rather it is a stepping stone towards positive business results on social media platforms.

3) SEARCH AND BE FOUND: While they might not be number one socially, Google is still the search engine leader and after the acquisition of YouTube, they still dominate the internet. Maintaining an active placement on Google+ can boost your presence on their search rankings, promote the visibility and credibility of your brand and image. Don’t forget to proudly display your G+ badge where it will be easily seen and used.

4) MORE EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING: While most social platforms offer paid advertising options, Google’s user data should soon surmount that of ones like Facebook. Think of the more effective and often cheaper use of AdWords when compared to a posted advertisement on Facebook often overlooked by millions. Google has another, better targeted way of ensuring that your content gets seen by the masses with their +Post Ads, boasting better engagement emphasizing content to access more sources across the web.

5) MORE RELEVANT TO BUSINESS: As you have now seen, Google+ is more relevant for business use, so you will see less posts about kids, cats and dogs. What you will see are more interesting people posting better content that inspires more social engagement and interaction than, “OMG, that’s so cute!”

So in comparison, it is obvious that Google+ has much more to offer the B2B marketer and we should all take a closer look at what the search engine giant has to offer us with their new strategies.

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