5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content

The most important element of any website or marketing material is its content. As the saying goes, Content is King. You can have the nicest web design in the world, but without engaging content, it’s worthless. When prospect’s are considering businesses to work with, they are looking for a series of things in your content to convert them into customers.

I’m going to teach you five great strategies to writing killer content and converting more customers.

Be Yourself

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content - Be yourself

This may be one of the most overlooked factors in copy writing. Whether it’s website copy, literature, or print, many people aren’t personable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read content that bored me to death, because it felt like a machine wrote it.

Add some personality to your copy. Allow your content to become alive to your readers and exude with personality. Give it your personal voice, touch, and feel, this will make all the difference in your engagement. By being yourself while writing, your readers have a chance to feel your personality and understand your businesses culture.

Some ways of doing this is to imagine that your ideal prospect is directly in front of you while writing. How would you speak to them? Use that same tone, voice, and passion in your copy, it’ll draw your readers in and help build a connection. Also, just have fun! Writing shouldn’t be a boring task. Let loose, engage, and have fun!

Understand Your Purpose

There are many people out there writing content that have no idea what their purpose is. That is a huge mistake and I have been guilty of this at times. When writing killer web content, you have to have your purpose in mind. When you don’t have a purpose, you can find yourself rambling and off of topic, which is definitely not good for your reader.

You want your reader to be so engaged that they read every single line of content. Now, in an age of advance web surfers, skimming is bound to happen. But, if you start off strong and get them on the hook, they’ll never let go until their done reading everything.

Before you set out to write, put some points down. Understand where you want your audience to go, then take them there. You will find that your content is fuller and provokes much more engagement. Want you content to turn into profit? Know your purpose and deliver.

Speak Benefits

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content - Speak Benefits

This is one of the most important elements of copywriting and  marketing . Benefits are everything! We live in a society that is self-centered and we always want to know, “what’s in it for me?” Even reading this blog right now, you want to take something from it that will benefit you, it’s natural.

Many retailers like to advertise features such as, “insulated pockets” or “seamed zippers.” But, the truth is, benefits speak louder than features. Benefits also sale more than features. Combining benefits and features can be extremely effective. So now the advertisement would say, “Insulated pockets to keep your hands warm on those cold hikes” or “Seamed zippers to resist the draft from the wind.”

Benefits brings conversations alive. So when crafting benefit oriented content, think of ways that your target prospects will benefit from your offer and have the content speak that to them. Sometimes we don’t consider the true benefits of things without someone spelling it out for us. By speaking benefits, you’re bring your product or service to life.

Don’t Speak About Yourself Too Much

Many “About Us” pages on the web speak too much about the company themselves. Although it is fine to make bold statements that speak well of your products or service every once in a while, try not to make your content about you. Make your content about your reader.

It can get tiresome hearing someone brag about themselves. Many times, readers don’t believe claims made by businesses because there’s no evidence. Consumers would rather read about how they are going to benefit from your products or services, rather than boosting about yourself.

When writing killer content, always keep your reader in mind. It can be so easy to talk about ourselves and our capabilities. But, readers are more concerned about their own benefit and success.

Use Calls to Action

5 Strategies For Writing Killer Content - Call us to Action

Many marketers and businesses miss out on golden opportunities because of the lack of call to actions. Imagine this, you attract your prospect, get them engaged and excited about your product or service, and then they leave. What? The most important part wasn’t accomplished, you’re missing website conversion! You want to attract your prospect, get them excited and engaged, and then convert them into doing whatever it you want them to.

The best way to get them to do what you want is to simple tell them! There is so much money left on the table because people fail to simply tell their prospects what to do. Consumers need guidance, that’s why call to actions are essential to create content that converts.

Write content full of juicy benefits, get them engaged, and then kindly ask them to do what is you would like them to. This may look something like, “Receive your FREE consultation now.” Or if you really want to knock it out of the park, combine a call to action with a benefit, “Receive your FREE consultation now and take the first step to increasing your profit.” It works.

These five strategies should help your increase your engagement and conversions drastically. Use them all together and you will see result’s that will increase your traffic, revenue, and profit.

Guest blog post by: Mike Calloway is the founder of Trinity Digital Marketing, a Maryland Web Design Firm that specializes in SEO and Web Design. In his spare time he loves making music, being an avid car enthusiast, and studying successful businesses.

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