Website security is one of the most important aspect while building a website. Your website is the heart of your business and hackers can give you shock by stealing valuable information and customer’s data. To avoid such heart-attacks, it is advisable to protect your website from hacking attempts or related malicious activities by opting the most suitable security plugin for your website. Hackers are always in a process to find loopholes in your web security so that they can capture long stored data from it.

Did you know that Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing each week. To avoid such blacklisting from the search engine giant Google, you need to obey certain security measures.

The most ironic thing about the website security is that most people realizes it after their website gets hacked. There are more than 30,000 websites that are targeted by the hackers and yet you have to decide how to protect your business or personal websites from these attackers. I tell you one thing, the irony is that most people realizes the importance of website security protection after their website faces such attacks or they gets hacked completely.

WordPress is the most used platform for creating a good-looking website for any purpose. From personal blog site to big publishing hose and businesses has adopted WordPress to run their online business. WordPress is a very secure platform itself tough it offers additional security option to make your web security bullet-proof. Even though your WordPress website can be attacked by the hackers if you do not apply appropriate security measures.

WordPress offers many security plugins from where you can choose the security plugins for your website. In this infographic, we’ve picked the top 5 best WordPress security plugin among all based on different security parameters and downloads.

Here are the top 5 security plugins on the basis of protection, monitoring, scanning and post hacking strategy for your WordPress website:

All In One WP Security & Firewall: It is a comprehensive, stable, well supported and most above easy to use WordPress security plugin.

Wordfence: The most downloaded WordPress security plugin till date, Wordfence is also my favorite plugin. It gives you enterprise class security protection.

iTheme Security: The new avatar of Better WP Security is known as iTheme security, which offers 30+ ways to lock down your website from hacking attempts.

BulletProof Security: One of the most reliable and effective WP security plugin for carrying out your website security responsibly. It offers a single click security protection, which is actually quite easy to implement on your website.

Sucuri Security: It is one of the most authentic security plugin that have capabilities in auditing, malware scanning, and security hardening. It is meant to compliment your existing website protection.

Out of the list, which would be best for you really depends upon the specific needs of your website. Download the comprehensive comparison chart of best 5 WP security plugins and sort-out the best one for your website.

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