Website Design for Charities, Non-Profits and NGOs

charityTruth be told, this is one difficult and sometimes cruel world with our communities being subjected to tragedies and hardships. Unbearable at times but still we have something to hold on to. Thank God for charitable and non-profit organisations that serves as the much-needed helping hand during these difficult times!

Just like the regular for profit businesses, charities, non-profit organisations and NGOs also need the help of the worldwide web to strengthen and widen the reach of their cause. However, website design can be a bit costly and that’s why we are here for you. Creativ Digital fully understands that each donation dollar counts and so we commit to give quality website design packages for charities, non-profit and NGOs. This is our way of giving our fair share to the aid of the community in the way we know best.

We are one with your cause. Creativ Digital salutes all the people behind charities, non-profits, and NGOs. We understand how difficult it could be to run an organisation with a great cause on such tight budget, careful that every dollar goes to where it is needed the most. As online marketing experts, we strongly believe that the worldwide web can help charities, non-profits, and NGOs communicate their cause and aspirations to a bigger and wider audience. Building an online presence can bring you in leaps and bounds nearer to your organisation’s mission. You can communicate community events and fundraisers online. Get other people to read and be inspired with your cause. Sure, we can even get the donations in through your website!

Allow us to give our fair share. Our team of web design experts are fully equipped with Open Source CMS-based website solutions that can do wonders for charities, non-profits and NGOs.  Not only do we offer a fully-customised website design for you, we can also give you free initial consultation and guidance even after the website is up and running! Our team can provide training to your staff so you can take up ownership of your website and make your own changes and updates. Creativ Digital also commits to help you integrate into social networks to gain maximum and relevant online exposures. Think SEO and we will also be there for you.

Allow us to help you achieve maximum potential organisation growth and coverage through the use of cost-effective website design solutions.  Let Creativ Digital be your partner in your fight to make the world a better place to live in.

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