10 Killer SEO Strategies to Boost Your Rankings

Some say SEO is dead. Some even go as far telling others to stop wasting time on SEO. If you’ve ever tried your hand at SEO doing all the right things – creating quality content, optimising for keywords and getting as many backlinks as possible – and yet you’re still not ranking higher, you might...
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Don’t Waste Your Time with SEO

Is SEO a waste of time? The short answer: Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Digital strategists, content marketing specialists and SEO experts will tell you how vital SEO is to your business. According to statistics, 81% of businesses consider their blogs an important asset. Compared to outbound leads like print advertising or direct...
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How To Promote Your Company In Social Media

Its no surprise that social media has a great impact on our society, whatever the field of activity we may be doing, we are constantly confronted with the need to use web or social networks. Thus the key factor for the successful existence of a business or  company is to keep the website up to...
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SEO Copywriting: 12 Tools to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

Producing content that is ideal for your real life readers, but that will also fuel SEO and reach a wider audience can be a delicate balance. It’s not at all easy to satisfy your readers’ demands and the stringent requirements that are acknowledged to contribute to higher rankings with search engines, however fortunately the 12...
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HTTP vs. HTTPS: What you need to know

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What you need to know Google’s goal is a simple one: create an internet that is not only full of high-quality content, as exhibited by its bias towards websites with worthwhile, relevant copy, but also an internet that is as safe and secure as possible. There have been a lot of whispers...
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There are many successful app owners who have spent nothing to minimum to promote their app and make it successful. Among them, many made use of press publicity, while some generated a lot of buzz on social media. Spending on app promotion definitely requires a lot of financial effort. But there are many easy ways...
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Keeping Up With Google

Keeping Up With Google Like all technology, Google is continuously getting smarter at indexing the contents of the web. Their goal is simple: maximise user experience by constantly improving their ranking algorithm to ensure that users can find relevant content quickly and easily. As an Internet user, this is a great thing – gone are...
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Why Content Matters for SEO

Why Content Matters for SEO If the internet is a vast library full of information, then search engines are the catalogue and indexing system to find the answers you’re looking for. In a lot of ways, their job is a lot tougher than that of the traditional librarian – because anybody with a computer can...
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How Can a Link Building Company Improve Your Website Position?

How Can a Link Building Company Improve Your Website Position? Link building is the need of the hour and it going to stay so for a long time to come. Therefore, it’s important that you hook up with the right link building company; lest you suffer great losses at their expense. When we refer to...
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SEO Techniques: A Revamp for Top Rankings

SEO Techniques: A Revamp for Top Rankings Truth be told, a first-page ranking on a search engine is a ticket to success. Every year, lots of businesses spend gazillions on Search Engine Optimization to improve visibility of their site, aiming for a top ranking on search results. In reality, it’s not how much you spend...
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